Isabel (@prettyfrowns) β€’ Strongbow 5% alcohol/ethanol.


  • prettyfrownsSneaking out of work early on a Friday starter pack. Cozy spot away from the city noise and a refreshing cider. Timbre @ Gillman is now serving #Strongbow dark fruit pints.πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ #staychill #applecider


(@haileybright) β€’ Michelob 5% alcohol/ethanol.


  • haileybrightIt’s Monddaayyy!! What are you all up to this week? πŸ‘‰I just wrapped filming on a new music video! Can’t wait to show you.
    Summer Health TipπŸ‘- I’ve been traveling a lot lately for work which means less time in the gym. So I’ve been keeping my carbs & calories down when meeting up with friends for happy hour by sticking to @MichelobUltra. It only has 95 calories per bottle & I probably burn that just walking to happy hourπŸ˜‚.